G e r m a n o  S a r a c c o   A  I  C

C   I   N   E   M   A   T   O   G   R   A   P   H   E   R

Germano Saracco is an award-winning Cinematographer, both in film and ahead of the curve in Digital Technology, with EU Passport (Italy) and American citizenship. His training, background and experience are equally international in scope. His education in the art of film-making began with a full scholarship to the Istituto Scienze Cinematografiche in Florence, Italy. Next, he enrolled in the Program of Film-Making Techniques at the  London International Film School. Germano then moved to the United States and enrolled in the Intensive Film-Making Program at New York University and ultimately at the University of Miami for a Bachelors degree in Motion Pictures with a minor in Graphic Design and Art Photography. At the U of M he won Best Cinematographer for the film "My Soul To Take" at the school's 10th annual “Canes Film Festival.”

Germano's personal mentors included cinema greats Bruce Logan, A.S.C. Mauro Fiore, A.S.C. David Stump A.S.C. and Michael Goi A.S.C. in Los Angeles but he has had the privilege of working with Directors throughout Europe, North and South America. Germano is a member of the International Cinematographers Guild, Local 600. Experience Roster. He was Inducted into the prestigious A.I.C., Association of Italian Cinematographers and Imago, the European Federation of Cinematographers in May 2006.

A specialist in melding light, color and texture. Experienced in Optical as well as Digital Intermediate. Germano devises his own style and is comfortable operating his own camera on land or in the air. His aerial cinematography demonstrates the same sensitivity and subtleties to his subject, whether for a feature film, film for TV, commercial, music video, documentary. He is recognized for his creatively eclectic style, passion for perfection and global vision. Winner of the International Social Commitment  award at the Accademia Belle Arti A Venezia in 2010 as the cinematographer on the feature film “Hopeful Notes.” Winner of a Gold Condor Award in advertising. Recipient of the Best Cinematic Achievement Award at the Atlantic City Film Festival of 2003 for best short film  “Eve's Dropping In” which was also honored at the Telluride Indy Film Festival. Germano was  selected by Mr. Michael Brown of Kodak, and Mr. Vincent Hogan of Cineworks to test all of Kodak's film emulsions. Where the different types of film were taken through; Normal Process, Bleach by Pass and Cross Process.

Germano Saracco is a filmmaker's filmmaker .... Definitely a team player, enjoys bringing the best out of people, creative, task efficient, and ever-mindful of providing optimum options for the latest post production work-flows and delivering flawless finished product for the Director, Producer, client. Germano is trilingual (English, Italian and Spanish)  and resides in Los Angeles, California.

Written by: Marylynne Newmark

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